Cultivating ferns from spore is often an easy process. These guides will work for most species.

General cultivation of ferns from spore

Spore Propagation by Wendy A. Born and Barbara Joe Hoshizaki

BPS Spore Sowing Leaflet

Xeric ferns

The dry-adapted Cheilanthes ferns present unique challenges in cultivation.

Cultivation of Cheilanthoid Ferns by Hope Diamond and Lucinda Swatzell

Specialty ferns

Here are several guides to some of the more taxing varieties of fern to cultivate from spore.

Psilotum nudum grown in axenic culture by Dean Whittier

Grape ferns from spore by Dean Whittier

Growing grape ferns by Norio Sahashi

Banner image (Marattia douglasii) by Tom Ranker.