The American Fern Journal is a peer-reviewed journal focused on the biology of ferns and lycophytes. It has an impact factor of 0.857. Recent issues (2001 or Vol. 91—present) are available on BioOne. Older issues can be found on JSTOR. Subscription agents can find bibliographic and payment details here.

Information For Authors

Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts pertinent to the biology of ferns for publication in the American Fern Journal. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically through the following website: For questions about submission or other aspects of the American Fern Journal, contact the editor.

The American Fern Journal (AFJ) publishes original research on ferns and other seed-free vascular plants (e.g., horsetails, lycopsids). Although the organism must be the centerpiece of all acceptable manuscripts, novel research results may be obtained through a range of methods and emphases (e.g., anatomy, conservation, development, diversity, ecology, ethnobotany, evolution, genetics, paleontology, phylogeny, physiology, systematics). Authors should clearly state the purpose of their research, should strive to integrate new research findings with past work, and should discuss the implications of their discoveries for understanding the biology of the focal organisms. Manuscripts concerned primarily with natural products obtained from seed-free vascular plants or whose concentration is on situations or processes where the organisms are secondary players are typically not considered appropriate for publication in the AFJ, and will be returned to the authors without review. 

Acceptance of papers for publication depends on merit as judged by two or more referees. Authors are encouraged to contribute toward publishing costs; however, the payment or non-payment of page charges will affect neither the acceptability of manuscripts nor the date of publication.

Checklist for Formatting Manuscripts for the American Fern Journal (revised Aug. 2018)

Tutorial for Properly Formatting Manuscripts for the American Fern Journal

Banner image (Sadleria cyatheoides) by Tom Ballinger.